Computer Assisted Testing Systems
Institute of English Studies
University of Łódź

Welcome to C A T S - Computer Assisted Testing Systems

The I.A. Placement test, part of the C A T S system, is meant to assess your ability and to place you in a group appropriate for your level.

In order to ensure that you are placed in the right group, please do not guess or use resources such as dictionaries or books, or anyone's help.

Your success in our courses and on the exams depends on the right placement, so it is in your own best interest to be properly assessed.

You will be asked for the registration details you have either been e-mailed or have been given by your teacher.

You will need an internet browser with an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash®, and while this web-app has been tested with most devices and browsers, we recommend a desktop computer or a laptop with Firefox®, and headphones or speakers connected to your computer.